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special thanks to Malcom (CEO of Flowstone) by his human quality.

          SuperSonico 3.5

A new waveform, a new world: PULSE. 
A lot of improvements and more features. 
Stand-Alone Full-operative: FREE! 
VSTi (dll): donate U$D 8.00
(You must download Free Stand Alone Version for instructions to get the dll)

SuperSonico is a virtual analog synth with a small additive section. 
It has a single oscillator with a generator of harmonics.
The Sub-Oscillator includes an option that generates a single low octave that is repeated along the keyboard.
When doing a click on some controls or zones, it will appear a contextual help. 
This synth is suitable for classic sounds such as moogy sounds, strings, bass, brass, leads, organs, nature, pads, drums, pinball sounds, etc.
It brings the instructions to get the VSTi version.

video tutorial de SuperSonico en Español
Por Hernán Marandino, músico, compositor y productor. Este excelente tutorial explora todas las características de SuperSonico ¡Gracias, Hernán!

           Arido 1.0
Stand-Alone Full-perative: FREE!
VSTi (dll): donate U$D 8.00
(You must download Free Stand Alone Version for instructions to get the dll)

Arido 1.0 is an additive synthesizer which includes a polyphonic driver to generate greater variety of timbres. That is, a distorter that works every note played separately. It brings on-screen Spanish-English help, MIDI Learn and pedal switch functions.
This VSTi is suitable for bass, pads, ambient, distorted, nature, organs.

It includes instructions to get the VSTi version and the
new preset bank "Alter Boy Aridospheres"

Alter Boy is an specialist on Sound Design. Thank you to Alter Boy for contributing banks for SolcitoMusica.

SuperTron 2.6 FREE!
Computer Music Special collection
SuperTron is a virtual analog synthesizer that generates sequences typical of the 70s and 80s, Dance, Trance, percussion, analog strings and other retro sounds. It has functions for live performance, allowing changes in several controls with one click. The Step Modulator has 4 "scenes" that work as sub-presets. The filters bring special features for working in the stereo panorama spectrum. The "Vintager" effect generates vintage warmth to the sound.

This video is courtesy of 0dB (Polonia) - Thanks Tomasz!

Vintager Toy 1.1 FREE!

It is a VST plugin that modifies the sound to make it sound like on old equipments. It can be used over a mix or over an instrument to give it vintage warmth.

Download Vintager Toy VST

BabyTron 1.0 FREE!

Analog and Phase Distortion Virtual Synth with Step Modulator. It´s the younger brother of SuperTron, with some important differences. It has no Chorus, no Delay, no Reverb. Just 1 Oscillator, 1 Envelope, 1 Filter. That´s the way to demonstrate that it can make complex sounds without these effects.
BabyTron hides automatically the knobs that have no action in some given situations.

EmulTuition FREE!
EmulTuition is an FM (to Oscillators and Filters) and Subtractive Synthesizer. It has useful parameters to emulate typical sounds and instruments and to create new sounds (acoustic, dance, pads, animal, industrial, etc.). Several parameters are modulated by the key velocities and key notes, which increases the naturalness and expressiveness of each created preset.

Free Download Emultuition:
stand alone        VSTi
Here is a video that shows features of Emultuition 6.3:

Patagon 6.1 FREE! Solved some problems of earlier version. See text included on the download.
Sintetizador virtual FM - Analógico con secuenciador de 16 pasos. Hace hacer arpeggios electrónicos, pads, instrumentos acústicos, etc. El secuenciador, el LFO y el Temolo están sincronizados con el Tempo.

Stand Alone        VSTi
BasicBat FREE!
FM synt for creation and emulation of acoustic and electronic basic drum set: bass drum, snare and Hi Hat.

Sonico FREE!
Sonico is a synth with analog - retro "features": mono keyboard, mono output, no velocity. I made it as a thank to Escuela Sonica (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and it was inspired (is not an emulation) by Torturator, a hardware synth I made in the '80s with chips 555 and binary CMOS counters. The design is focused on the largest possible diversity of presets with minimal controls.
stand alone        VSTi

                 Regreso Virtual
It is a virtual emulation of "Retorno", a handmade hardware synthesizer. Its functions are basic. It was made to encourage users to build a hardware synth with his own hands. (see the "Hardware" section of this blog for details of construction).
Es una emulación virtual de "Regreso", un sintetizador hardware artesanal. Sus funciones son básicas; es para alentar a los usuarios a que construyan un sinte harware con sus propias manos. (ver en la sección "hardware" de este blog detalles de la construcción).

Solicitarlo a solcitomusica@gmail.com, especificando nombre y apellido, país, estado/provincia, actividades.

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